Instrumental melodic hardrock with proggy and metal influences

STEVE BROCKMANN - Expected Errors

1. Safety Procedures
2. Fernwright's Lunchbox
3. Not Necessarely Evil
4. The Aspirant
5. Expected Errors
6. The Changeler
7. Leaving Soberville
8. The Quest Of Ryder Ramirez
9. Fix Star
10. Without Remorse
11. Inventio Fortunatae

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Some reviews:
author: Darryl St. John

If you admire ENERGETIC, ROCKING creative music that catches your attention and rock tastes, and crave- SUPERB guitar prowess and terrific songwritng ability in all flavors and Quality. Then this is The CD FOR YOU!! All the elements of great music are here. Its intrumental character is so good you - forget about its lack of screeching repeative singing and poorly imaginative lyrics, because the music SINGS to you in its own way. From its seering guitar riffs to the bluesy soulful cradle of its ballad like passages, the sensible cost of this "Expected Errors" CD gives you double the bang for your buck. And there is no cutbacks on production quality here!! Turn it up and feel the music cover you in all your music g-spots!! This is a 5 Star music purchase!!!!
author: West Side Dave

Guitarist Steve Brockmann hails from Northern Germany, and is very active in the music scene there. His latest studio offering is "Expected Errors", an 11-track totally instrumental affair. But if you think this is gonna be a bunch of endless noodling over canned tracks, THINK AGAIN! As a musician and songwriter, Steve is a model of restraint, cutting loose when needed, holding back when necessary. Sure, he can burn up the fretboard like there`s no tomorrow, but Steve`s a song guy, crafting instrumentals that are memorable and don`t require a degree in music theory to enjoy. Not an easy task, but Steve is MORE than up to the challenge, believe me! It should be noted that Steve not only wrote ALL the songs, he played all the instruments, mixed the album AND did all the artwork, as well! [wonder if he does windows, too?] Unlike other one-man bands, however, the level of quality control is VERY high and there`s no self-indulgent wankery to be found here. Doubtless a lot of time and care went into the arrangements, and it shows in every single track. It`s obvious that one of Steve`s primary influences is Brian May, as can be heard in the soaring guitar harmonies. Shades of Pink Floyd also abound; in fact, Steve`s tone and delivery remind me at times of David Gilmour`s playing on "Animals", though there`s also high-tech Metal shredding to satisfy Shred-Heads everywhere. This guy is HARDLY a "jack of all trades, master of none"! While it`s not a technique freak`s wet dream, "Expected Errors" IS an entertaining, enjoyable and accessable album that can be appreciated by ALL music fans, which is no mean feat for an instrumental release. But in the hands of artists like Steve Brockmann, it`s all in a days work. So please visit Steve`s website and pick up his releases; we DEFINITELY need more musicians like him, and your continued support will make certain that we do! [Great job, Steve!]

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